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Ghosts in Paradise are getting bored and a rumor of a party in Hell is starting to spread out. In this reverse tower defense game, help the ghosts escape Paradise and join the party in Hell!

This game was made during the 15th edition of the Montreal Creative Jam.

Team members:

Nicholas Hétu - 3D Artist, VFX, 

Caroline Côté - 3D Artist,  Level Art

Inés Setbel - 3D Artist, Lighting

Anthony Lachance - Programmer

Manu Boucher - Sound Designer

Alexandre Tomasino -  3D artist, Level Designer


EscapeToHell_Build_V.0.zip 549 MB
EscapeToHell_Build_1.1.zip 558 MB
EscapeToHell-1.2.zip 552 MB

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